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Gift Set, His & Hers Egyptian Cotton Bathrobes, Bridal Gift Set, Groom Bride Gift, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Anniversaries

Gift Set, His & Hers Egyptian Cotton Bathrobes, Bridal Gift Set, Groom Bride Gift, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Anniversaries

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Luxurious Couples Gift Set includes;

- One Premium Small Size Bathrobe with "Hers" Embroidery "no customization"
- One Premium Large Size Bathrobe with "His" Embroidery "no customization"
- Bonus 2 white Washcloth Towels – 13”X13”
- Bonus 2 Pairs of Slippers, one size light weight closed toe.

Perfect gift for Couples, Newlyweds, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversaries, Honeymoon, Christmas, or Valentine Gift. 

Bathrobe specification:
- Premium 100% certified Egyptian Cotton Giza 86
- Shawl Collar Design
- Heavy 420 GSM
- Super Absorbent Terry Inside
- Waffle Velour Outside
- Two-Side Pockets
- Waist-Tie Belt

Towels specification:
- Premium super absorbent 100% certified Egyptian cotton Giza 86
- Luxury Hotel & Spa quality heavy 700 GSM
- Ring Spun combed
- Dobby piano border - double stitching

* Egyptian Cotton Bathrobe & Towels are made of the finest Long Staple Cotton Fibers. These fibers can be used to create very fine yarns without sacrificing the length, giving stronger and softer cotton which make these towels the ultimate in luxury and gets even better with time and wash

Why Egyptian Cotton?
1- Known for being the best, finest Long-Staple cotton, it has a long and noble heritage of providing sumptuous comfort to millions of people right across the world.
2- Egypt's heavy rain, humidity, consistent temperatures, and the fertile soil of the River Nile; contribute to the ideal climate for growing cotton that boasts extra long fibers, or staples.
3- Delicately hand picked, this process puts less stress on the fibre than using large machinery, leaving them straight and fully intact.
4- The extra long staples allow for the spinning of much stronger and more uniform yarns, resulting in fabric that is extremely smooth, durable, and which becomes softer with time
5- Stays stronger for longer, no matter how many times you wash it
6- Only 1% of the cotton is from Egypt. If the package says 100% Egyptian cotton, you can trust it’s going to be of superior quality.
7- The obvious choice for infusing your home with high class sophistication and elegance.
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