Why Egyptian Cotton?

  • Known for being; the best, finest Long-Staple cotton, it has a long and noble heritage of providing sumptuous comfort to millions of people right across the world.
  • Egypt's heavy rain, humidity, consistent temperatures, and the fertile soil of the River Nile; contribute to the ideal climate for growing cotton that boasts extra long fibres, or staples.
  • Delicately hand picked, this process puts less stress on the fibre than using large machinery, leaving them straight and fully intact.
  • The extra long staples allow for the spinning of much stronger and more uniform yarns, resulting in fabric that is extremely smooth, durable, and which becomes softer with time
  • Stays stronger for longer, no matter how many times you wash it
  • Only 1% of the cotton is from Egypt. If the package says 100% Egyptian cotton, you can trust it’s going to be of superior quality
  • The obvious choice for infusing your home with high class sophistication and elegance